Stinkwort - Dittrichia graveolens

Stinkwort - Dittrichia graveolens.

We are trying to stop its invasion at Lake Hodges. We are treating all populations we have seen along the locals only Lake edge walking path. It has been found at green Lagoon as well as near Nutmeg and windsurf beach. Areas treated will be revisited next year to see how effective we are at removing each population area.

Stinkwort - Dittrichia graveolens. View from directly above.

The shoreline between Nutmeg and the Pump station could use more eyes looking for this weed. It looks like a straggly mini Christmas tree and smells something like Pinesol. If you think you think you are seeing this plant in your walk around Del Dios, please take a picture: one with the whole plant and one from the top of the plant for me to see if there are flowers.  Email me the pictures and the location:

If you are feeling extra helpful on you walks, consider pulling and bagging the plants. Once flowering, hand pulling and placing the plants in a sealed bag is necessary to prevent its spread. This plant has an effective strategy of putting all its energy into producing seed even when it is pulled up before blooming! The plants go into the trash, not greenwaste, bin. Use gloves as the plant is extremely irritating to skin and eyes.

Downloadable Documents for further information (from Cal-IPC):
Pdf of Dittrichia Poster
Brochure (Word doc)