Project Update: Feb 2018

Project Update

In addition to our ongoing maintenance around Lake Hodges, we are continuing with the removal of tamarisk and planting of natives. The New Haven House for at-risk youth volunteered and racked up some community service hours with participation in five work parties. Their added efforts helped the DDHPL plant over 1,000 native oaks, sycamores and (primarily) mulefat. Thank you for your hard work!

We'd also like to thank those who contributed acorns in December. Click here to see them sprouting.

Mulefat Prop Buckets.JPG

What's Up With the Orange?

These are Mulefat "poles", building up their roots to get ready for planting. After planting, the orange color indicates what the plant species is and helps us find them amongst other plants. This is a more efficient and cost effective marking method than the colored flags.