Win This Firewood!

Firewood Raffle

We have a winner!

Our first annual firewood raffle winner is DDHPL Member, Chris Chandler. Congratulations Chris!! The drawing was help at the CDel Dios Mt Isreal Community Holiday Potluck with the winning ticket pulled by the Citizen of the Year - Mitch the Hodgee Carver. A big thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets and supported the DDHPL. 

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Why you shouldn't move oak firewood

The Goldspotted Oak Borer (GSOB) is tiny beetle that’s infesting and killing oak trees in San Diego County. This beetle came from Arizona, where the environments have predators that naturally keep the beetle populations under control. Here in California, the only method of controlling the spread of GSOB is containment.

Cut wood that’s infested is still a threat, so don't move firewood, and follow some basic containment techniques to keep any mature beetles from escaping and reproducing.



University of California - Learn more about containment strategies, report GSOB sighting, download GSOB Field Identification Guide

University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources - Integrated Pest Management Program

San Diego Union Tribune - Beetles take a bite out of backcountry (Feb. 17, 2013), Oak deaths top 80,000 in San Diego County (Sept. 2, 2011)

California Firewood Task Force - Learn about the "Buy it Where You Burn It" campaign

Firewood Scout - Need to buy firewood? Find a vendor that knows where their supply comes from and has taken necessary precautions by seasoning the wood for two years or heat treating it.

California resources & info on Don't Move Firewood dot org


Find Free Firewood this Friday

Last weekend's biomass removal was a huge success, resulting in about 15 cords of firewood being removed by volunteers. As cleanup continues, firewood is still available.

Wood will be stacked at the lake entrance, between the gate and the bench and maybe a second stash near the porta potty. We will be adding to the stacks throughout the day, so if the area is empty you may want to check again later. It goes very quickly!



Free Firewood

Complements of the Oak Woodland Fire Fuel Reduction Project

Eucalyptus firewood is available to our community.

 It goes quickly, so act now before the lake opens Feb 3rd!

You must sign the Volunteer Waiver to take wood.

Entering work areas (even to grab firewood) is only permitted by workers and volunteers; sign the waiver to claim volunteer status & grab all the wood you need!

The waiver has all the fine print about volunteering with the City to remove "Biomass" aka Firewood from the project site, and is located on the clipboard near the porta potty at Green Lagoon. You can sign the form on the clipboard there, or Download the Volunteer Waiver here.

Please sign the Volunteer Waiver on this clipboard before taking firewood.

Please sign the Volunteer Waiver on this clipboard before taking firewood.