Safety & Training

When the DDHPL began their volunteer effort they wanted to be both effective and conservative in the use of chemicals to remove eucalyptus. Showing full support for this effort, the City of San Diego Water Department contracted with Kelly & Associates to thoroughly train our volunteers in the safe use of appropriate herbicides. Mike Kelly, the principal of the firm, provided training at Del Dios Park. Kelly has come back as a volunteer to renew the training of volunteers as well as train new volunteers annually on correct use of herbicides. Be assured that this project is run with proper equipment, attire, and supervision as is required by the organizations permitting removal of non-native plants and trees.


Herbicide Information

The herbicides being used are Glyphosate and Garlon 4Ultra, two of the best known, well studied, safest, and most widely used in controlling invasive plant species in parks and other sensitive settings. Both of the chemicals being used in this project have been specifically approved by the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (formerly CDFG) in its Streambed Alteration Permit for the San Dieguito River Valley watershed. They are being used in a most conservative manner. Many safety measures are in place, including extensive signage.

"Cut stump" is the method being used on the big eucalyptus trees. Immediately after being cut, the herbicide Garlon 4Ultra (Dow Chemical) is applied to the cambium layer of the stump. Under state regulations and label instructions several methods can be used to apply the herbicide: spray bottle, backpack sprayer, laboratory squirt bottle, or by painting it on. Different contractors use different application methods. Here at Lake Hodges, we use the most conservative method of applying the herbicide, painting it on. It takes a bit more time to apply than other methods, but uses less herbicide since it is more precise in reaching the cambium layer.