Who is the DDHPL?

The Del Dios Habitat Protection League is a local volunteer group formed to act as local stewards of the environment along the shores and watercourses of Lake Hodges. They are reversing the ill effects of eucalyptus on the native plant communities while reducing the risk of fire for the community of Del Dios.

The Del Dios Habitat Protection League, has been around since 2010 and has partnered with the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy, The San Dieguito River Park, the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department, and I Love a Clean San Diego. Thousands of volunteer hours have been logged by people living in and beyond Del Dios, and tens of thousands of eucalyptus trees have been removed.  


Long Term Goals

  • Habitat improvement and preservation of native wildlife, plants and sensitive lands.
  • Fire fuel reduction.
  • Protect and enhance the health of our oak woodlands.

Current Objectives

  • Support Friends of Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve’s Lake Hodges Oak Woodland and Fire Fuel Reduction Project to remove invasive species and install native plants around the north shore of Lake Hodges.
  • Public outreach through volunteer events and website.