Get into the dirt.

Whether you'd like to come out and play in the dirt or have a special skill to offer, come join the fun!

This 2018/19 season, our volunteer activities range from planting cactus on hillsides, clearing areas for planting acorns in oak woodlands, and restoring riparian habitat where eucalyptus recently dominated the land.

Please communicate the number of people and possible dates your group is available and give us an idea about the level of aerobic capacity desired. The cactus don’t walk up the hills on their own- we can use groups of fit or young people! We are actively looking to partner with volunteer groups of about 6 to 30 people per event.

For volunteer opportunities and planning for groups or companies, or to inquire about specific volunteer opportunities, please use the following form:

Individuals are welcome to join events on our calendar with an RSVP. Make sure to check your email before coming as work parties are dynamic events.For general Work Party participation, please see the Events Page for upcoming dates and RSVP information.